You can send a request to call back on the Megaphone in the form of SMS. Sending is done by entering a USSD-command *144*(destination number)#. Your interlocutor will receive a message containing a request to call back to your number. Thus, in contrast to other cellular company, MegaFon allows to do this not only within the network and between subscribers of different operators. In addition, to perform sending such messages and without a set team. Users of the new tariffs MegaFon enough to call on the desired number and follow the instructions of voice menu, press the corresponding number key.
Note that a day is allowed to send up to 10 messages asking me to call on the Megaphone. If you have reached the limit, you can use an alternative method of communication and to send another party a request to replenish the account. If successful you will get the opportunity to call him your own. Use the command *133(amount in RUB)*(phone number)#. Thereafter, the contact number will receive an automatic message with instructions of how to send funds from their mobile accounts.
Connect the service "I called," if you cannot send a request to call back the Megaphone (for example, the called subscriber is permanently unavailable, busy or out of network coverage). Just dial 0759 and follow the voice prompts. Now every call or attempt to send system request will be recorded by the system and once the user appears in the network, it will receive a corresponding notification and will be able to call you.
Contact the other party if there is insufficient funds you can on the official website Megaphone. It is convenient that you have the ability to send free messages with absolutely any text. Go to the relevant section of the website. Enter the destination number and your desired message text. In the end don't forget to subscribe and tell your number or name to the source figured out from whom came the message. Also on the operator's website contains a full list of useful commands for different situations.