When connecting the service "SMS+" to "MegaFon", you will be able to:
to set up your SMS archive on the website for this service and even if you accidentally delete from your phone SMS – correspondence, you will easily be able to recover by logging on to the website;
-set forwarding of SMS messages that you can do if you have no mobile phone to any number you specify;
-set an auto-reply to incoming SMS messages. At the service site then simply enter the message text that will be automatically sent to the Inbox you;
-send free SMS messages from the website service, but not more than 70 pieces in a day;
-specify your personal signature that will appear under any of your sent message.
To connect the service "SMS+" to "MegaFone" dial on your mobile phone a combination of: *105*637# and press the call button or send a free blank SMS message to number 000105637. You will then receive an SMS message containing the password to access the site services.
Before you connect this service, you can find on the website with its demo version which looks the same as real.