Take advantage of our special service team to ask them to call back the caller on the "Beeline". Dial from your mobile phone *144*(phone number) # and press the call key. The subscriber number can be specified in any format, for example, with the international code +7 or through "eight". The "Call me" service is available for all subscribers of "Beeline", without exception, both in home network and in roaming. It is available for free.
The chosen subscriber will receive SMS-message with the notification that you're asking him to call back. You can do up to 10 queries a day. It would be useful if, for example, you need to connect with multiple people, but your account has insufficient money.
Try to use another method to send a request to call back on the "Beeline". This will help the service "call at expense of source", which does not require activation and is available free of charge to all subscribers of the operator. Call to the short number 05050, then dial the number of the right person without the "eight". The subscriber will receive a call and when you answer he will hear an automatic request for permission to accept a call at own expense. In case of acceptance, the connection is established and you can start communicating. Service is up to 5 times a day.
If you have Internet access on the computer or cell phone, go to the dedicated section on the official website of "Beeline", where subscribers can send a free message online. Enter the number of the desired subscriber, then fill in the message text. Include your name and phone number that people could see who was speaking to him.