Advice 1: How to make a dial-up

Find themselves without sufficient funds in the account at any time. However, staying connected is still possible by using such a simple action, like the dialler or sending a "beacon".
How to make a dial-up
If you allow your account balance, you can get some beeps, and then hang up. This is the dialler. In that case, if your balance is zero, you will be able to stay connected thanks to this service, as a "Beacon." The operator "Beeline" connection this service is not required, it is automatically available to all subscribers. To send the Tracker dial on your mobile dial *303# the recipient's number# and then press send call. Once the subscriber receives your request, he will get back to you.
If you are a subscriber of "MegaFon", then there is a "Call me" service. Send someone a request to call back number *144*number# (by the way, specify a number in the format +79ххххххххх). After sending the request the other party will receive a message that says "Subscriber "Your number" asking to call him back", and you will receive a delivery report.
The service "Call me back" provides the mobile operator "MTS". Requests can be sent for free to subscribers, not only within the network but also the subscribers of "Megaphone", "Beeline" and others. To send a message with the text "Call me" is very simple: you simply have to dial a USSD-command *110* the number in ten-digit format and #.

Advice 2: How to send a dialler with MTS

When the mobile is at zero, and an urgent need to make a call - it's time to think about the special services that allow you to send your caller a TEXT message asking me to call you. This "beacon" can be sent from any phone number. Several convenient options dialler offers to other subscribers of mobile operator MTS.
How to send a dialler with MTS
You will need
  • phone;
  • - SIM-card MTS.
To be without money on the phone – frustrating. In this case, the operator provides its users several ways to always be connected even when the zero counts.
The simplest way to send the subscriber a request to call back. What you can use the self-service "Mobile assistant". To begin working with the service please dial on your phone *111# and press the call button.
Then in the new window, select answer and press 5. Next, from the list of available services, select the "Possibility zero", located under the number 2. Again click "reply" and enter the team number. In this case, you need to choose 3 option and the service "Call me back". And then to take command and send the query response message 1 send. Then type the number of the subscriber you are about to send a request to call you back.
Within a few minutes on the phone the subscriber will receive an SMS with the text "Call me back, please," will define your room. You also while sending the request will receive a message about how many times a day, you'll be able to send the request. The maximum number of submitted SMS per day to five.
Don't want to use the "Mobile assistant"? Then remember the following command in order to ask friends to call you back. Dial *110* enter without space subscriber's number and press the pound key (#). Button call send request. The number in this case you can dial in any format with the prefix and without it. It does not matter how many digits you specify 10 or 11. The command will still be sent.
You can also ask someone to recharge your account. To do this, type
*116* enter the number of the subscriber is sent a request, and press #. A request is sent also by the call button.
The message with the request to recharge can be send only to subscribers of MTS, MegaFon and Beeline. Other operators receiving such SMS did not provide.
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