You will need
  • - the mobile phone.
Use the service "Call me back" in the network "MTS Ukraine". To do this from your mobile phone dial *104* then enter the phone number in the international format, the grid and press the call button. For example, *104*+380664442222#. After that, the number that you specified in the request will be delivered an SMS message containing the text "Call me please" and include your phone number. This way, you will know the subscribers that want to contact him.
Note that during the day you can send no more than seven such requests, to send them, you can the number of all mobile operators of Ukraine. To find out how many requests you have left, dial *104*0#.
In order to receive instructions regarding the service "Call me back", use the command *104#. To change the language send message add after number number 01 (Ukrainian), 02 (Russian language) or 03 (English). For example, to send the message "Call me" in Russian Aske enter the command *104*+380664867676*02# and press the call key.
Use the option "Call me", in MTS Russia, for this enter from your mobile phone *to 110*, then enter the number of the person you want to ask to call back, and press the call key. For example, *110*89161112233# and a call key.
Per day you can send no more than five such requests. As a result, the number listed you will receive an SMS message containing the text "Call me please" and your phone number, date, departure time of this query. This service is available for MTS subscribers in Russia outside of Moscow and the Moscow region. If you run the queries, and there is no money in the account, use the service "replenish my account". Rules of its use can be found on the website of MTS