You will need
  • cell phone
  • - be in Russia
  • - be a subscriber of MTS
Before you send a request SMS asking to call back to verify that the message recipient is a subscriber of MTS. If the desired telephone number has a prefix +7910, +7911, +7912, +7913, +7914, +7915, +7916, +7917, +7919, +7980, +7981, +7982, +7983, +7984, +7985, +7987, +7988 or +7989, it serves the operator and you can use the service "Call me back".
To request dial on your "*110*". Immediately after that you write in any format number, which you need to contact. Put a grid and press "Call".
Wait for the moment when the desired subscriber has read the message containing the text "please Call me" number and date of sending, and get back into your room. If after 10-15 minutes no response is received, send another message.
Note that during the day you can use the "Call me", no more than 5 times. As soon as the maximum request limit is reached, messages asking me to call will cease to be delivered to a specified number.
If after sending a query on the phone screen appear strange symbols, then change the language of the message. Below the message was printed only in Latin letters, i.e. using transliteration type in cell "*111*6*2#" and press "Call". This method is suitable for those devices that do not support Russian language.
To fix the error when sending a request to the device from which it is possible to send SMS on Russian language, use other method. To include of the Russian alphabet, enter*111*6*1#" and confirm the change language button "Call".
If the person with whom you want to communicate with is not an MTS subscriber of the Russian region, use the service of sending SMS from the site operator number of the person to be contacted. In the email be sure to indicate contact information.