MTS subscribers can call the subscriber using the service "help me out". It is available to all subscribers of the operator. To make free call, dial digit combination 0880 and then the 10-digit called number. The person you called, received an incoming call, and automatically the service will offer him to receive your call at their own expense, and he can accept or reject the offer. The service "save" is available free of charge for the caller. As for the person who receives the call, the means for the use of the service will be debited from his account in accordance with the tariff.
To call a subscriber of Beeline can be in the scope of the service "call at expense of the interlocutor," which also does not require does not require activation and is available to customers free of charge. The conversation will be paid for by the called party in accordance with the cost of on-net call tariff plan. To call a subscriber, dial 05050, and then the destination number without the "eight". Then wait until the called subscriber does not agree with the proposal to accept a call at own expense.
For subscribers of Beeline services available "Live zero", in which subscribers can receive calls and SMS at zero balance, and a "Call me" service. If it is connected on your tariff, you will be able to send the called party a request to call back. Also, the subscribers of Beeline has the ability to submit requests about the account. This service is called "replenish my account". The option "Trust payment" allows you to make calls within a few days after the account out of cash. After that, you will need to make the necessary payment.
To call a subscriber of the Megaphone, use the service "call for friend's expense". Dial 000 and the 10-digit number of the desired subscriber. If the person agrees to activate the service, the cost of a call will amount to 3 rubles per minute for any subscription plan.