Install Skype and register a new account. Registered users are given the opportunity once to call free on iPhone, then the app will require to pay for further use of this service. However, if you need to make free call, this method can completely to help you.
Use the popular worldwide website It provides the ability to call free to mobile to any country. Calls are made via VOIP technology. Simply connect a microphone to your computer and enter the reference number of the subscriber. However, remember that the number of free calls per day is limited (30 per day for residents of Russia). If you want to call mobiles, unlimited number of times, you need to Fund your account. The cost of monthly usage of the service significantly lower than Skype. Also from here you can send 2 free SMS daily.
Call free to mobile from your mobile by installing the app Poketalk website It operates on a similar principle, but need to get the person you want to call also have installed on your phone this software. For free use there is a limit to 2 calls a day, and their duration should not exceed 10 minutes.
Use the service "Call me back". Incoming calls most of Russian mobile operators free, so it is enough to send the phone of the subscriber free SMS with a request to call you back. To do this, type the special command: *110*phone Number# to MTS, *144*Number# on Beeline and MegaFon. A detailed table which shows the codes "messages-beggars", you will find on the website You can also call on a mobile phone, but to lose without waiting for a reply. The subscriber can call you back as soon as you notice a missed call.
To call free on mobile, you can use the "call companion", which have each operator of cellular communication. Dial a certain combination before the call to the subscriber: 0880 - MTS, 000 - MegaFon and 05050 - Beeline.