A job search should always start with defining their own knowledge and skills. If the person is a Pro in any field, then you need to look the work related to this area. This also applies to the interest: if you have a hobby, try to make it their position. Men without an education to find a job much easier than women. Open to them a path, especially if they are served. If the person knows how to drive or fix a car, the number of jobs it can take, increases several times. For example, you can get a taxi driver, the driver in the driver on long-haul flights (if there is a law of the category), assistant auto mechanic (or car mechanic, if you have the relevant skills), expert evaluation of vehicles or simply by the seller for parts. But even if skills are not well developed transport should not be upset. Most men after the army can take to the police or even the FSB. Of course, to get to these structures, the candidate must possess good health and the desire to work for the good of the Motherland. In the most extreme case, you can get a guard or inspector. In some areas, these positions pay quite well. If you have the appropriate skills, it is possible to get a sales Manager, supervisor, dealer or a storekeeper. All these jobs can take a person with no education and work experience. There are many places that will take almost all of any human being, but as a rule, these posts do not bring the big incomes. It's waiters, handymen, vendors, porters, students painters, sticker ads. Well, if the man had time to the army to get an education, then the problems will be much less. He can easily go to work, selecting a medium-sized organization, which will take a person with no experience. In fact, such organizations very much. Only need to regularly review Postings and submit your resume. Man after the army opened all the way, you only need to believe in yourself and strive to fulfill their own dreams.