If learning is hard and tedious labor, if science attracts a lot of not solved puzzles, you direct road to the universities, teaching physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and other scientific disciplines. Get serious theoretical and practical knowledge, and you will discover a direct path into the exciting world of science.
Attracted to the art, literature, good at drawing or feel the music the meaning of my life? There are a number of universities, colleges and schools that are waiting for you with impatience. Studying in these schools after the army, you can bring in the world of contemporary art, which, perhaps, he lacks.
Close extreme, it is interesting to test in complex and unusual situations? Then you direct road to study to be a fireman or go to school MOE. There is always need a strong and adequate people who have served in the armed forces, and education will give special training and the necessary knowledge for this profile. To save lives - is noble and will always be sure in its necessity and importance.
Know what you want to treat people, so it is necessary to attend medical school or College, which many in various cities of the country. Learning there is difficult, but interesting and very responsible. As in the hands of doctors - the life and health of people. The military school will help to successfully obtain the knowledge that will help you become a good and competent doctors.
Army behind, but left the habit of discipline and responsibility. Believe that to help people and to protect them these are not empty words? Then keep the path in the police school. Studying there will give the opportunity not only to exercise your desire to protect the order, but also teach much that is useful in life, no matter how it happened.
Love the technique, can own hands to assemble and disassemble a car or household appliance? Technical colleges and schools is what you need. Get ready to take the exam, learn and replenish the ranks of the technical intelligentsia. Techies is the driving force of the country and its progress.