Welcome to the "fence"!

The day before yesterday you were a schoolboy, yesterday, a soldier, and tomorrow you will be a student? Alas, reality is not so simple. Chances to get your student ID, along with the others who have served in the army or the Navy 19-20-year-old young man not very much.

The state managed to convince him to serve, he closed his eyes to the fact that during the year apart from home and textbooks, young elementary forgets much of what they taught him. And the entrance exams, he often becomes uncompetitive, "freshly baked" graduates of secondary schools.

And no longer surprising "bitter" joke, wandering the forums and turned to eager to learn: "Dear former members, welcome to our fence-building Institute!". As well as nods in the direction of other States, provides its military personnel guaranteed by the country benefits.

For example, Israel's admission to the University, and whether a young man or a girl, the selection Committee will immediately ask: do they? And the advantage when enrolling, and in fact, is exactly a short-timer.
After serving in the Israeli army, her "graduate" will receive from the state a check for 17 thousand shekels (about 4250 USD). They are allowed to use either for housing or for payment of a year's study at the University.

The law was given, and that he gives?

The Federation Council even passed a special law that the MPs attempted to solve the problem of the recent arrivals paratroopers and tank crews in universities and academies. It reads, albeit rather evasively, that the equality is typed on entrance examinations points an army has the advantage over a regular applicant. But mandatory, this provision is not controlled and not subject to verification.

As, incidentally, another position, seems to be also spelled out in the law. According to him, the basis for benefits can be a recommendation from the military Commissioner. However, the fact that the military has the right to give, usually heard not only himself. Don't know about it, and discharged enlisted men, and even admissions. Or — pretend that you don't know.
Some advantage to students who have served in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, can be considered the solution to use when you receive the results of their own play the year before the exam. But only once.

The University — through courses

Admission to the University, according to psychologists, it's always a huge stress. Although perhaps slightly smaller than for the recent student is the army itself. A little time to adapt before receiving exams can help the preparatory three— or six-month courses. A good option, though not very real, is to begin to prepare for admission in army. But a lot depends on the duty station of a soldier and the loyalty of his commanders.

Without removing the shoulder straps

The only category of Russian universities, where yesterday, and today the team are always happy, are military. In order to become a cadet or Institute, it is enough to obtain the direction and the characteristics of the command, pass the 25-day trainings and pass the exams at least for "three".

Another thing is that during the training of the future officers have a very serious health screening, physical fitness and psychological state. And the exams are added numerous tests.