Go to the website of the traffic police of your city or area. You can find it using the search or through the official website of traffic police of Russia Contact your local Newspapers with a list of jobs or employment. Stand on the account at labour exchange or come directly to the personnel Department of the traffic police in your residence. Review the proposed jobs and requests to the applicants. For admission to the lower positions you do not need special education, it will be sufficient certificate of completion of school. In this case are requirements to age - not older than 35 years. Also required good physical shape and the passage of the last service in the army.
If you meet the requirements, report to regional management of traffic police with the military card, a certificate, a diploma of secondary or higher education (if available). It is desirable to attach to the documents a detailed CV describing your education, skills and experience. In management you will be able to pass the necessary tests, both psychological and physical, and in good circumstances you'll be taken to a road patrol.
To progress to more senior positions receive appropriate education. It is available in different universities of the interior Ministry. For example, in Orel Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs you will be able to specialize in the preparation as a future employee of traffic police. Education loan for five years, and at the end of the course you will be eligible to already apply for the officer post. You can also combine study and work in this University have the opportunity to attend classes at the evening Department. Upon successful completion of the course you can count on a job distribution by specialty.