If a young man loves the outdoors, active rest in the fresh air, it makes sense to get a job in harvest – berries, fruits, herbs. About vacancies can be found in the local employment service, or watching the ads. This work is not very profitable in material terms, because prices are low, but can be plenty to eat useful food rich in vitamins. Indeed, in some cases, the payment is not only money, but also "in kind," that is part of the harvest.
Almost every city can be a summer job, participating in landscaping and landscaping. Garbage, painting fences and curbs, construction of playgrounds, the planting of flowerbeds, trimming of trees and shrubs. Work is the most diverse. Prices, however, also low, but some amount you can earn.
In resort towns, as well as in recreation areas on the banks of ponds, always in the summer required additional staff (laborers, waiters) for restaurants, cafes, trade of ice cream and soft drinks stalls, etc. Students and high school students can easily find jobs by going directly to the leadership of these food service establishments. However, they will require the registration of personal medical (sanitary) book, that will take some time.
In the summer in many areas, dramatically increasing the flow of tourists, so you can get a temporary work guide. Of course, this should be a friendly, sociable person who is familiar with the history of his native land and its attractions. But if we are talking about working with foreign tourists, must be sufficiently proficient in the appropriate foreign language.
Summer is the season of entrance examinations to universities. Therefore, students, especially seniors, have a good knowledge of a particular subject may earn tutoring, engaging with prospective students. In short, if you want in the summer you can always find a job.