You will need
  • - age from 18 to 35 years;
  • red military ID;
  • - diploma on higher legal or technical education;
  • - excellent physical preparation and health.
  • - the lack of penalties for administrative violations in the year before applying to the personnel Department;
  • - driving license category "B", preferably "C";
  • - no criminal record the applicant and his relatives.
Management of traffic police practically does not publish the vacancy, but that does not mean they do not exist. I recommend to call the Office of the traffic police or the regional division in your subject and find out the phone number of the HR Department. Calling the HR Department You will learn about the vacancies and employment opportunities.
If vacant posts are available, then find out the days and times of work of the personnel Department. Also I recommend to ask about the specifics of the posts. They are civilian and military. If the vacant position civil and You are happy with, then the "uniform" you can forget. Shoulder straps and titles will only receive applicants for officer positions in the event of employment.
Report to the HR Department with a package of documents: passport, red military ID, driver's license, autobiography. If there are positive characteristics from the place of study, military unit, designated the former work, make sure you take them with you. If you have achieved success in sport, then take a bit book. I also recommend to get a positive response from your district.
Next, You will be sent for medical examination. Don't worry, this survey is completely similar to the military-medical Commission that You held prior to military service. But in order not to lose the passage of time, I recommend pre-visit your dentist and Laura to remove minor "problems".
You also need to be tested for professional suitability. Please do not worry and answer honestly. The interior Ministry employs professional psychology, which is in doubt as to your candidacy send you on passing the polygraph. From personal experience I would say: questions on a polygraph personal, sometimes intimate nature. Flunking a polygraph every third.
If You have received approval from all the doctors and psychologists, you can assume that half the job done. Now wait for the call from HR with an invitation to the sports database to check your fitness.
The standards of physical preparation of employees of the Ministry of the Interior You can find on the website of the Ministry of interior. To be honest, this is the school regulations for pupils 11-x classes, but people who served in the army and he studied for 5 years at the University can't do them. When I 3-e candidates are unable to catch up two times.
After passing the standards of physical preparation, you will pass a 3-month paid internship. If you have successfully passed training, you are to be congratulated comrade Lieutenant!