You will need
  • - passport;
  • - military ID;
  • - characteristic;
  • the ad in the newspaper;
  • phone.
Consider employment in a military Department or College in their profile. Collect a set of documents, which should include a passport, military ID, characteristics, application. Send them by mail to all existing military departments in the territory of the Russian Federation. If you are interested in the administration of Universities on the basis of which are military institutions, you definitely will know about it. With a favorable outcome, you will be placed as a teacher.
Apply to secondary school or University. In this case, you will lead special military items, but you will be able to teach such applied subjects as OBZH or OMZ (basic medical knowledge). Former military specialists are very appreciated for such work. Many Directors of schools and rectors of universities, besides, I want to always maintain discipline of students.
Place an ad in the newspaper that you have the relevant experience and desire to work in conservation. Of course, it's not such a prestigious job as a teacher or a teacher in high school, but still it can provide you with a flexible schedule. Moreover, many organizations are increasingly looking for ex-military for such work. Because now quite a few different security Firms and other security organizations, there is a high probability that you'll get a call on the contact details.
Stand on the account in the employment center where you live. If you do not know, in what area do you want to try, being retired, state that are in search of. Fill in all the required documents to the employment center and leave your contact details. You will be contacted if there is any suggestions from the employer.
Call all your friends and former colleagues. This is the simplest method, which at successful coincidence of circumstances can provide you with a workplace. Perhaps one of the former colleagues already working in any organization. Ask him to help you solve your problem.