Advice 1: How to learn in a hospital is people

Often those who became ill on the street or in public places, taken to the nearest emergency hospitalwithout telling family, which. Find in this case the person is sometimes very difficult.
How to learn in a hospital is people
In the big cities to search there is no single reference service "Ambulance".
You have to call back, to call the number, approximate location of the incident, age, gender you are interested in the person, his name. Usually these data are enough to obtain the necessary information, in this case the phone registries of the hospital where the allegedly took the victim.
Next, you dial the phone registry, I repeat all the data you are looking for the person and get information about its location, status, the possibility of a visit.
It happens that a person be admitted to the hospital directly from the reception at the clinic. This usually happens in cases of emergency. Here, you again help cell phone. And in the absence of information from the physician or from the registry of the polyclinic, where to send your sick. There will advise you where to call to go, which branch to hit man, how to find it, will give your phone the admissions Department.
In some cases of mass accidents, terrorist attacks, car accidents, train collisions, victims takes custody of the Ministry. They deliver them to nearby hospitals, where they provide first aid.
The whereabouts of the victims can be recognized by a special phone hotline, which immediately published in the press, the Internet, sounded on radio and TV. The same information on the whereabouts of loved ones, it is possible to obtain the reference service of the emergencies Ministry, if you call the number and location of the incident.

Advice 2: How to find the schedule of admission to children's clinic

In order to get on reception to the doctor, you need to know in advance the schedule of its work. This can be done through phone call or via the Internet.
 How to find the schedule of admission to children's clinic

How to learn the schedule of reception of doctors through the Internet

Young mothers quite often take the children to the clinic. In order for the visit to children's medical institutions yielded the desired result, it is necessary to read the schedule of work of specialists and to go to the clinic only at certain times. In some cases, requires pre-registration.

The easiest way to schedule the intake specialist to examine the information on the official website of the clinic. Virtually all modern medical establishments have their own page on the Internet, where the user places a schedule of pediatricians and narrow specialists.

As a rule, the main pages of the site includes General information on the operation of the clinic, and in separate tabs, you can find and schedule the intake of certain doctors.

On the website you can not only get acquainted with the schedule of working professionals, but also to make an appointment. For this you will need a number of the birth certificate of the child and the number of his health insurance policies.

Possible is necessary to view the availability of appointments. If not, then most likely, the doctor is on sick leave or on vacation or temporarily not accepting patients for some other reasons.

How to learn the schedule of reception of experts on the phone

Despite the obvious convenience of an appointment on the Internet, some parents prefer to record the kid to the doctor and find out all the information on the phone. To make it simple enough. Phone clinic can be found in the Handbook or on the web.

Schedule of pediatrician or interested specialists can ask the staff of a registry or referral service. This method of information is considered fairly reliable, as it so happens that on the Internet you can find up to date information. In this case the receptionist has the most accurate data about the schedule of admission professionals, about the mode of their vacation.

To learn the schedule of reception of doctors is possible and during a visit to the clinic. Parents, it is desirable to rewrite the schedule of work of district pediatrician, so how exactly does this doctor have to visit more often. This is particularly relevant information for parents of babies first year of life.
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