In the big cities to search there is no single reference service "Ambulance".
You have to call back, to call the number, approximate location of the incident, age, gender you are interested in the person, his name. Usually these data are enough to obtain the necessary information, in this case the phone registries of the hospital where the allegedly took the victim.
Next, you dial the phone registry, I repeat all the data you are looking for the person and get information about its location, status, the possibility of a visit.
It happens that a person be admitted to the hospital directly from the reception at the clinic. This usually happens in cases of emergency. Here, you again help cell phone. And in the absence of information from the physician or from the registry of the polyclinic, where to send your sick. There will advise you where to call to go, which branch to hit man, how to find it, will give your phone the admissions Department.
In some cases of mass accidents, terrorist attacks, car accidents, train collisions, victims takes custody of the Ministry. They deliver them to nearby hospitals, where they provide first aid.
The whereabouts of the victims can be recognized by a special phone hotline, which immediately published in the press, the Internet, sounded on radio and TV. The same information on the whereabouts of loved ones, it is possible to obtain the reference service of the emergencies Ministry, if you call the number and location of the incident.