Contact the district education Department. His address and phone number you can find on the website of your city or district administration. Call the office or come there in person. What is your address, and you indicate the school that corresponds to your home.
There is also another option you can call directly to your nearest school and ask there. Phone school can be found in the directory of organizations, or in various online directories of agencies in your city.
Remember what school is organized at the polling station at which you wish to vote. Usually this school is the one required to write your child.
Get information about the attitude of a school immediately before the entry of the child in the first grade. This must be done because the microsections of schools may change, and, consequently, your home can be attached to the portion of the other schools.
If you find out what school applies to your house, but it does not suit you, you have the opportunity to choose for your child another place to study. But in this case, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that it will be in another place. Prepare for the interview, as a method of selection of pupils is often found in popular secondary schools.
If, for example, near the house of one of the relatives is a good school, which is not easy to get, a way out could be a change of residence of a child. If he will be discharged from the parental apartment and get a residence permit in another house, he will have the priority right to study in the respective school.
Note: in school, on microcastle which you live, your child must take. So keep in mind that various "entrance fees" are illegal if the school is public.