You will need
  • - medical insurance (for free service);
  • - passport;
  • - the insurance pension certificate;
  • - payment receipt (for paid service any more documents.
Consult a physician dermatologist or venereologist you can contact with medical policy to the clinic by place of residence. Please contact the Registrar's office, will receive a voucher, which will indicate the number of your turn, the time of reception, a room number and name of the specialist who will conduct reception.
You can also contact out of turn by paying a certain amount as all clinics are extra paid reception. Please contact the Registrar's office, pay for the reception and a visit to a specialist out of turn.
In accordance with amendments to Federal law on medical services for residents of the Russian Federation, under the policy of the new sample you can visit a dermatologist at any clinic in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. For this simply call any clinic, regardless of their place of residence and region of residence, present medical health insurance, pension insurance certificate and passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. If you don't have a Russian passport, as profits into the country temporarily, but have a temporary residence permit issued by FUMS and the temporary medical insurance policy, you can receive free medical care at any clinic in the territory of the Russian Federation.
To the dermatologist you can go to any private clinic, just paying for the doctor's visit. If you don't have medical insurance and residence permit in Russia, then to visit a dermatologist, you can not only in private clinics, but in any clinic - just pay for the visit to the doctor.
If you want to get on to a very experienced dermatologist who has the highest category and the degree of doctor and candidate of medical Sciences, ask your dermatologists in the clinic to write you a referral for a consultation at a leading medical center or regional hospital.
Very often dermatologists of the highest category work in private clinics, combining their main job. Moreover, almost all private medical centres have a wide range of equipment for research and the necessary reagents to carry out all sampling and analyses. So whatever doctor you choose, only you can decide.