First, you need to remember that these directions are issued only by the health care authorities of the Russian Federation, therefore, appeal to the ordinary doctor does not give you the guarantee that you will be 100% admitted to hospital in need medical institution.
Each authority involved in these matters, is constantly statistics of addresses of citizens, because they have certain rules and the amount which they are guided when issuing directions.
Available for review a Decree which listed the categories of persons subject to urgent and non-urgent hospitalization. So, if you have cancer or cardiovascular disease, you should undergo examination by doctors specialists, who will make the final conclusion about the urgency of hospitalization.
Do not forget that all those in need is constantly growing, but resources are limited, which creates a certain excitement.
From specialized health centres signed contracts with the centers for hospitalization and rehabilitation, which can significantly speed up this process.
After preventive examination of each patient he is presented proof of the urgent need hospitalization. These documents must be provided to the specialists of the center in which you will be directed. They specify all your diagnoses, observations and results that greatly accelerates the process of treatment.
Optional client, you can choose how admission, so the medical service of your district needs to fulfill all obligations and requirements referred to in the documents.
Also be prepared for the fact that after the period of hospitalization, you will need to leave the place, because it has other people. However, you will not be discharged if you have not passed all the required course of treatment and diagnosis.
Thus, to obtain a direction on hospitalization in that case, if you really need it urgently.