To disable the Internet on your mobile phone company Nokia, the best option is to remove all access points. In this case, you can still access the Internet using Bluetooth and connect to the computer but on the phone no Internet. To disable Internet connection go to the menu section "destinations" where you will see the following list – Internet, WAP, MMS, GPRS and another with the name of your operator. Remove such settingslike Internet and WAP, and thereby disconnect the Internet.
If you remove the settings does not work, change the data in the destination – in the fields of access points. For example, write another name for points or other data channel, or switch to another operator. Also remove of the existing data for one of the access points a couple of characters. As a result, the point will be incorrect and the web will disappear.
When you encounter a situation where you do not use the Internet, and the software on your Nokia conducts periodic Internet access for updates, you must change the connection settings to the Internet. First check, have you disabled the connection to the Internet. Go to "Menu", select "Settings" then "Connection" and "connection Manager". Select from the list of suggested paragraphs to "Connection" and click on the option "Disconnect".
After this connection will be at least temporarily disabled, but after a while will automatically be restored. To avoid this find the automation on the desktop "Drop-down menu" and under "Mobile data" enable "Disable". Then select in the "Menu" of your phone "Options" and go to the paragraph "Modes". When the screen displays a list of profiles for Nokia, click on "Offline", turning off the Internet connection.