Customers of Telecom operator MegaFon to disconnect or connect forwarding via two different ways: independently or by contacting the operator. If you fit the first method of deactivating the services on the keyboard of his phone, dial a short number 0500 (this number of the subscription service. read more ... You can call with a landline in this case, it should dial the 5077777. Please note that both numbers allow to disable forwardingbut also install it.
In that case, if you want to give up some kind of forwarding, dial ## (forwarding code)#. In order to completely abandon the use of the service, use the USSD ##002#. By the way, required service code is always available on the website of MegaFon. Do not forget about the fact that the deactivation of the service, in contrast to the connection, is paid - it will cost 30 rubles. But directly using divert the subscriber pays according to the rates established plan.
Users of MTS network can deactivate the service "call Forwarding" using such systems self-service "SMS-Assistant", "Internet Assistant" or "Mobile Assistant". In addition, subscribers can Contact the call centre operator. In order to do this, you must call the number 8-800-333-0890. Managing call forwarding is also possible thanks to a special USSD-commands. The abolition of all established types of services take advantage of the short number ##002#.
The Beeline cancellation of services is made differently, then, depending on the selected type of call forwarding. For example, if the subscriber is connected call forwarding, which is enabled when a busy phone, to disable it you need to dial USSD-command **67*phone number#. To deactivate multiple simultaneous types of services, you must use the number ##002#.