You will need
  • mobile phone number of MTS
The service is "Waiting and call hold" ("Second line") are automatically connected on all tariff plans to the new subscribers from March 13, 2009 and does not require additional actions from the customers of MTS.
Those who joined MTS before March 13, 2009, but wishes to use the Second line needs to dial a free command - "asterisk"-4-3-"the grille" - and click "call".
By dialing "star"-"pound"-4-3-"lattice", you can check the service status "Waiting and call hold".
To deactivate the service "Second line" you need to type "grille"-4-3-"grating".
When during a call you receive a second call, the subscriber may continue the conversation, not paying attention to the audio signal.

Also the service is "Second line" allows for the rejection of the incoming call. If the caller presses 0, the caller will hear a busy signal. When you press 1 the client, MTS will end up active conversation and will respond to a new challenge. Button 2 during the "Second line" means the acceptance of the challenge. You can change the call status: active hold, and held to make active.