Advice 1: How to play the card

It is very difficult to find that person who never would play cards. Ancient gambling is perceived by many merely as a means to kill time during a long road or in a boring situation where you have nothing else to do. But there are a huge number of different card games, and each game has its own rules. In addition to the usual "fool", which all are trained from childhood, there are more serious games. If you want to learn about the game of cards more and learn a few basic General rules of the professional game, then this article is for you.
How to play the card
Get to play a deck of cards. Usually the deck consists of 52 cards. Cards come in four suits that are defined by the symbol: black cross – the cross, the black upside-down heart on a stem – spades, red diamond – diamonds, red heart – of hearts. In each deck there are thirteen different denomination cards (named in descending order): ACE, king, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and also the deck may be two jokers. There are decks in which only 36 cards (no cards 2, 3, 4 and 5). For some games you may need a deck of cards with a different number of cards.
Assign places at the table. Doing this with a draw. Discuss in advance who will take the place in any case and pull the card from the deck. The winner is the one who draws the higher card. If two people pulled the same face value card, then either drag the cards, or gotta give the win to someone whose suit older.
In the game all actions make clockwise – so common in the game. This applies to shuffling, dealing cards, announcements during the game and so on.
If anyone at the table wish to shuffle the deck before the next hand, then let him do it. According to the rules any player may take on this function if you want.
If you take off the deck (that is, remove some cards from the top deck), remember that in the removable portion must be at least five cards. Grant to remove the deck the player who sits to the right of the player and the dealer cards.
First let starts the player who sits to the right of the player and the dealer cards. It is also called a senior player, and that he should make the first move.
In that case, if the dealer handed out the cards the wrong way, every player at the table may request to shuffle the pack and deal the cards again. Provide this function to the same person who originally handed out the cards.
In some games there is a system of penalties for mistakes and wrong game. Keep in mind that part of games there is a Statute of limitations of incident. That is, if after some number of minutes or moves, no one said error, in consequence he will not be able to do so.Good luck with your game!

Advice 2 : What are the names of playing cards

Playing cards the people are pleased to consider a small rectangular leaflets, made from cardboard or plastic, with various symbols and drawings. Use them for card games and for divination. Each card has a design and a custom name.
What are the names of playing cards
It is considered that the card comes from China, but also countries that gave the world card, you can safely assume Poland, Germany and France, because their peoples card game was no less widespread than in China.

The composition of the deck

A standard card deck consists of 36 cards, but this is already the modern version, however, the initial card in the deck was 54 pieces: 36 primary and 18 secondary. Each map is repeated 4 times – one in each of the four suits.

Interest names and pictures depicted on playing cards. Many are accustomed to seeing half and mirrored figures of kings and Queens, but this New trend of the time, in the old shapes of cards were drawn in full growth.

All the cards in the deck divided into four suits, which are called:
- hearts;
- diamonds;
- clubs;
- peaks.

Notation cards

Cards of clubs and of spades is denoted in black and diamonds and spades red. The cards carry numerical designation and image in the form of drawings. The numeric maps are the smallest highest cards, and the "drawings" are more important, such as ACE, king, Queen, Jack. ACE is the most important card in many translations it is listed as "Deputy head" or "Deputy king". The word "ACE" in Greek language means "sower of slander", and the German almost the devil. Anyway, this map is treacherous and holds a lot of power.

The position of the cards the king and Queen in the deck obviously, and the name speaks for itself. What can be said about the map Jack. Translated from the French, "Jack" is a servant, on the map it is depicted as a young man in the image of the squire.


Very interesting story of the origin of the names of the colors in the cards. Previously, instead of the usual pic or worms, were the following notations:
- cups;
- swords;
- rods;
- denarius.

The cups, which were awarded to the winners, have become over time in hearts, shaped like a Cup and heartfelt gratitude, and wands in clubs or crosses. Denarius became diamonds, and swords became sharp peaks, in fact, indicating the weapon.

In some decks there is another card, called the Joker. The map depicts the Joker, the buffoon in color or black and white, he rarely plays, but his course is always designed to confuse the plans ( maps) rivals.
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