Please note on the company in which you are going to play the fool on the strip. The most ideal option when all players are about the same age. You should also ask the opinion of each player and find out whether he agrees to play on the strip, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.
Select a location for the game. Better suited room. Free its Central part. Put on the floor cushions on which to sit the players. In the center lay a little cloth to have a place where to put cards. Take care and the interior. Curtains need to tightly close it. So you can avoid prying eyes from the house across the street. Turn on dim lights. Select a nice and calm music and turn it on.
Put in the centre a vase with sweets or fruit. To complete the picture glasses with light alcohol. It is not necessary to pour strong alcohol, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.
Carefully shuffle the deck and give each player five cards. You pull one card. Its suit is trump. Starts the first game is the one who has the youngest trump card. To pop cards can only those members who sit on the sides of the batters. At the end of each con the loser takes off one thing.
Agree among themselves about to what point the game continues. The easiest option - the game is up until the girl will not stay in one swimsuit, and a guy in a speedo. However, thrill seekers can go further. Define, whether paired things (socks, gloves and the like) for one item or for two separate ones. Also it should specify whether, accessories for garment. We can agree that the one who loses must perform a certain task. For example, to dance the dance. This will make the game more dynamic and exciting. Play and fun time!