A simple fool in a deck of 36 cards. From it pulled out the map that the game acts as a trump card. Players get six cards. The player with the trump card of the smallest denomination first comes into play. Then all go in turn clockwise. The essence of the game is to lose all your cards as soon as possible. The one who couldn't make it – lost.
Snap also play this way. The main difference is that you can go any number of cards of the same rank. If the answering player has cards senior dignity (it is possible to fight back), he throws them on the game table. The attacker can throw cards that match the dignity of one lying on the table. Can also do all playing, but only after you finish your turn the first player. If the cards have nothing to cover, they need to take. At this point, too, thrown cards. Not to throw more cards than are left in the answering player, and no more than six pieces. When you first release the maximum amount flipping cards – five. To win, you can not only dropping all the cards, but the "hanging straps". This is possible when one of the two remaining players in the hands of two cards and both sixes. So he wins, and the loser was awarded the title "fool in uniform."
A game in transferable fool has the same rules as in snap, but with a significant addition. Here the responsible player can move move to the next player card corresponding to the dignity of that which has gone. Transfer cards can be as long as meet the player has on hand number of cards equal to their number on the table. He must either fight back or take the entire con itself. If the conversion card is the trump card, her first time you can not lay down on the table and just show.