Before you play "Nine" to distribute cards to all participants of the table battle. Now everyone needs to sort their cards by suit. It will be easier if all suits still to sort, in descending order, from ACE to six. If someone went to the four aces, the cards are shuffled and laid out again. By agreement, this can be done with three aces.
The course begins someone who turned out to be nine of diamonds. It is placed in the center of the table. Next turn makes the person sitting on the left hand from the player starting the round. He can put ten or eight of diamonds, respectively, to the left or to the right of the nine. In the absence of these cards, place the nine of any suit.
The outcome should be formed 4 rows. Each certain color. On one side of the range will be six – ACE.
Before you put the card, it is necessary to devise a strategy. If you have an ACE, you will need to promote the suit, which he is. Let's say you have a red ACE, then put the red nine. Then the following participants can put ten, then knave and the result of the king of hearts. You get rid of the ACE and the chance to win you will increase.
Players lay cards in turn clockwise. If they don't have cards that will help them to get rid of the aces, they will be forced to put you need. After the king you lay my ACE.
Strategy is not only faster to put the highest card. Sometimes you can lose and sixes. So try to advance the suit, which you have six. But, if you hesitate and don't know whether to believe you nine of the suit, which your ACE or 9 for the nomination of six – give preference to the first. After all, from nine to ACE 5, and from it to six – 4 speed.
It may happen that the player had nothing to put, then he "goes" and the turn passes to the next. If you pass the course, the chance to play high. In the card game "Nine" there are no second and third place. Wins here one who got a good hand, and who was able to correctly calculate the strategy.
Sometimes, some up addition to the game "Nine". After the cards are dealt, all put on the line for 10 cents. When the participant passes the course, he also needs to put into the General Fund 10 cents.
The winner takes a cash prize, and then, he is forced to deal the cards. The winner shuffles them and gives off part of neighbor. Then each gives the same number of cards, handing one.