Advice 1: What card game played Herman , the hero of "Queen of spades"

A. S. Pushkin wrote "Queen of spades" in 1833. In this mystical story by Pushkin tells of the existence of unknown forces that can paralyze the human soul. The author warns of the danger that lies in wait for man, subjecting himself to the temptation of playing cards. Probably every reader ask yourself the question: what card game played Herman, what's the point lies in three cards. Three, seven, ACE...
What card game played Herman , the hero of "Queen of spades"

The Stoss or Pharaoh

"Pharaoh" is the oldest card game that was known in Europe in the XVI century. In Russia, the game was widely spread in the XVIII. The notes of Catherine the great mention about this game.

In the early nineteenth century "the Pharaoh" was supplanted by the more popular version of "Stoss". It is known that Pushkin was a big fan of this card game.

"Pharaoh" refers to the category of Bank games. Winning here is completely depends on the case, the art of the player here is irrelevant.

The rules of the game in the Pharaoh

In the game participated by two players. One of the players – the "banker" the first declared rate. The second player is a "punter" has declared, what amount of money he plays. The "banker" could play "mirandol" (not to increase the initial bet) or "to put on Rute" (increase the bet). The rate, which had doubled, was called "passwords", increased fourfold – passwords-de".

After all bets have been made, "punter" call map on which he bet. The "banker" started "throwing the Bank": laying out the deck left and right. If the card went right from "the banker", the Bank took it when you left "punter".

The game was played with two decks of cards for 52 cards from 2 to ACE. The game continued until, until the Bank was not playing "banker" or "punter" continued to bet.

In the story "Queen of spades", to avoid cheating, the game was played with new cards – "each opened a pack of cards". When the game was played between strangers, the rules are slightly changed. In the story, Herman called his maps, just chose it from the deck and laid them on the table face down. Chekalinsky didn't know which card puts the "punter".

The "banker" began to lay out the deck, and when the card is selected by a "punter" came out, he opened his own.

According to the memoirs of Pushkin's contemporaries, is the main story the Queen of spades" is not completely fictional. Alexander told me that S. G. Golitsyn, one day after losing to the nines, came to the grandmother to ask for money on the game. The money he received, instead, the old woman gave him three cards. Grandson put on these cards and is fully recouped.

In Pushkin's story the accident happened in the game when Herman made a mistake, and instead of the ACE pulled out of the deck Queen of Spades.

Of all the prose works of Pushkin is "the Queen of spades" had the greatest success with the readers.

Advice 2: How to make a card game

Card games is a popular pastime in the company. Deck of cards don't take up much space, and it is easy to take along on a hike or trip. If you have a hundred evenings spent leaning over the deck, and the existing games you are tired, you can always invent your own.
How to make a card game
You can modify the existing game, and modifying its rules. If you love to play cards, you probably are aware of games such as "Fool" and one of its versions – the "Snap". If you wish, you can create your own version of "the Fool" by entering into the everyday life of a rule that the game does not use cards or card red suit has a similar black card, and pop can be as long as the player who go, will not end in the hands of cards. Change the number of cards that can gain the player: they not six, eight or ten.
You can create a game from scratch, using a regular deck of cards or drawing your own. Drawing the maps can be any: from funny cartoons to your friends (if your company has a painter) to paint reproductions of the famous masters of the Renaissance. Laminate the cards so they are not worn out in the game.
To create a new card game, you can join two existing ones. Try to join game "Durak" and "UNO." For example, if the player remained in the hands of two cards, and he did not say the code word (which you can also invent your own), then he gains a certain number of cards from the discard pile and the game continues.
You can come up with your game any rules that you will come to a head. It is important only that the game was not infinite, it was a winner, otherwise it will simply lose its meaning. The card game you can enter dice (which, for example, will determine how many cards you can throw the player) and chips. Also, do not think too complex rules for the card game. The novelty will be interested in a few days and then forget it. Please note games such as "Stump", "Gawker", "Drunkard." Their rules are simple and clear, and the popularity is not falling for decades.

Advice 3: Where he lives, German Sterligov

German Sterligov was one of the first Russian multi-millionaires, Manager, businessman and politician, became famous not only thanks to its rich past. At the time, he impressed the Russians a waiver of all benefits of civilization and leaving the family to the country. Where today lives a former multi-millionaire?
Where he lives, German Sterligov


German Sterligov was born 18 October 1966 in a town near Moscow, was one of the founders of "Alice" - the first Russian commodity exchange. In assets Sterligov were also other very adventurous projects, characterized by a considerable share of extravagance. So, he founded a non-profit venture called "Register of non-drinking men" in addition, Sterligov chaired the Society of lovers of ancient literature and independently founded the anti-Crisis settlement and commodity center.

In his political views Herman Sterligov is a staunch patriot-monarchist.

Today, the former oligarch is not involved in politics, but says that he is ready to stand at the head of the guide religiously, and ethnically homogeneous Russia. In this regard, Ukraine has repeatedly proposed to truncate the country and radically change its political course. Wife an extraordinary figure is a graduate of the polygraphic Institute Alain, Sterligov who gave birth to five children: daughter Pelagia and the four sons, Sergius, Arseny, Panteleimon and Micah. Also Herman and Alena have three granddaughters, Barbara, Euphrosyne and Mary.

Place of residence

To date, German Sterligov and his family live in the Moscow region Istra district, where he moved four years ago from a deaf Mozhaisky district, where there was no electricity, no proper roads. Sterligov jokingly explains the necessity of moving the ability to connect to a new residence washing machine that needed his wife. Daughter Pelagia had married and left home, whereas the sons of the couple Sterligova while living with their parents.

Sterligov did not send their children to secondary school, so they were taught at home.

Today, the family leads a joint partner Sterligova agricultural business on his own estate. Their main job is to beef cattle breeding, production of milk and dairy products. Agriculture Sterligov has about a hundred different heads of livestock that are fed organic feed. Attracted to the family business and Sergiy actively interested in the production of processed milk products, and Arseny, in addition to the production of agricultural products, loves to make cups from birch bark.
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