Advice 1: How to play "a thousand" together

Normally, when playing cards, the larger the company, the better. But to play "a thousand" or "marriage", the optimal number is 3. However, you can play together, so not diminish interest in this game.
How to play "a thousand" together
You will need
  • a deck of playing cards
Select from a deck of cards denoting "6", "7", "8". The value of the cards: "9" - 0 points, "the Jack" - 2 points, "the lady" - 3 points, king - 4 points, a "10" - 10 points "ACE" - 11 points.
Marriage is a combination of the Queens and kings of the same suit. You can declare it, only when they both you have on hand.
Pure marriage will bring you 100 points of diamonds - 80 points, cross - 60 and the Queen of marriage - 40 points. 4 aces in one hand will bring you 200 points.
To play "a thousand" together, distribute the remaining cards evenly, but put 4 cards in the two decks.
Bet first, if you are handing out cards. Otherwise, it makes your opponent. Playing in "a thousand" the two of us involves a constant alternation. The minimum bet is 100 points. further, the principle of the auction: you bet.
You have the right to choose "handful" of 4 cards, if the opponent doesn't beat your bet. But if you don't pick up the game stated number of points, this amount will be deducted from Your account.
After you get 4 cards, you have to give any 2 to your opponent. But if someone in the same hands would be four "nines", it is necessary to ReDeal.
You have the right to first move if he won on "auction", and will go up as long as the opponent doesn't beat your card. Trump is the suit, which marriage was declared until until another marriage.
"Thousand" is played together until, until you have 1000 points or it's not gonna make your opponent.
When you accumulate more than 880 points, a marriage will not bring you points, and you will play without them.

Advice 2: How to play the "Heroes" together

Strategy Heroes of might and Magic" has rightfully earned a leading position in the gaming world. Support the "Heroes" a multiplayer format allows you to pass campaign not only alone, but with two or more players. The user computers may be in the same room, and hundreds of miles away from each other.
How to play the "Heroes" together
Run the game "Heroes of might and Magic." Select New Game in the main menu of the program, and MultiPlayer. This mode will allow you to create a server on the current computer to start a multiplayer game. Below shows the window enter the name that will be in the game and your character.
For connections between computers on your local network, click challenge mode "Hot Sit". In the window that appears in the first term of the list will display the name of your character. Enter in the next blank date the name of the character the second player, together with whom you will play. Click the check mark to confirm the entered data. Session multiplayer games will be created and automatically will be prompted to select a map and game scenario.
If the computers of the two players are connected only through the global network internet, select MultiPlayer mode TCP/IP communication by pressing the appropriate button. A window appears to specify settings for a new connection. Click on HOST to create a session of a network game. Enter in the appropriate fields the name and password of the session. To save these settings for the game, click on the checkmark. Then the program will automatically open the stage selection map and scenario games.
Select the desired map, characters and complexity of the desired scenario. Then start a multiplayer strategy by clicking BEGIN.
The second player can join the game scenario. For local connections enough in the MultiPlayer to choose the name of the second character. When playing through the internet in the window TCP/IP, click search server computer of the first player by its IP address and the set session password. According to specified data of the game application to run the search, and in the list of sessions displays all the found scripts initiated from the first computer. Selecting one of them, the second player connects to a multiplayer scenario.
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