You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents confirming the ownership of the phone you.
If you lost your phone and SIM card is not available, contact the nearest police station and write a statement of the appropriate form, fill it out with details of your phone, you need to identify it. Please note, you will need to provide documents that prove your legal purchase of this device.
If the phone was purchased outside the country of your registration, you will need to provide the documents of customs control. To see a complete list of documents for application you can at the nearest branch of police.
To find your phone, you need its identifier, so provide the necessary data to search. The IMEI is a unique pyatnadcatiletnij code assigned to each mobile phone. When registering in the network of your mobile device service provider sends a message, which indicates the IMEI of the phone. This is done in order to ensure security, making in this case stealing a phone pointless, since its main functions will be impossible to use without registration identifier of the operator of cellular communication.
Review the documentation for your phone and find the IMEI-number. Usually it is prescribed in the warranty card on the box of the phone or the user guide. In Nokia warranty card usually is on the last pages of the manual and the IMEI number is written on special stickers. You have the ID information is the most important prerequisite for finding a lost or stolen mobile phone, so the documents and wrappings should be retained even after the warranty period.