You will need
  • Cell phone
Every person owning a cell phone should know that every mobile phone has its personal international number or Imei. This room usually consists of 14-15 digits, but numbers could be higher.
How to know an international number? For this you need to look under the hood of the phone in a place where the bar code. The combination of 14-15 digits and will be your personal Imei. In addition to this simple tip, you can also dial on the phone dial *#06#. After that, the phone will display your international number.
You can independently, without recourse to specialists to find out you have a stolen phone or not. For this you need to send a short message with the text of the interior Ministry, then be sure to press the space bar, your Imei number, which you can find in phone, room 4443. Example: MIA 354123990879234. For a certain time for your phone number you should receive a response that contains information about your phone is stolen or not. This information is very important, because by law all stolen phones shall be returned to their rightful owners. The cost of such services are paid and will be charged in favor of the operator to which you are connected.