Finding missing mobile phoneand, do not despair. There are many ways to bring him back, and, in extreme cases, to prevent the loss of money from his account.
Take the opportunity immediately on detection of loss ring your phone. If the phone is somewhere near, you can hear his call. Call if you have not heard, we will consider three possible options: the phone has not been discovered yet, the phone someone found and not against his return, the phone was found, but no you have to return it going.
In the first case, do not rush to take steps to lock the phone. Ask friends or relatives cell phone and go to the place where you most likely can lose it. Make short and frequent calls on my cell phone number, listening carefully. Long calls can make the phonehave the attention of strangers.
If you answered, then you can enter into negotiations concerning the return of the phoneand you – the rightful owner. Be prepared for the fact that you have to pay some sort of finder's fee.
If the search was not successful, and the phone responds to you long beeps or disabled, there is a high probability that someone has discovered and is not going to return. Now it is advisable to call customer service of mobile operator and ask to block your camera. You will have to call the room phoneand passport information on who the number is registered.
If when you call in your room you hear that the number is not available, then most likely it was picked up by detractors, turned off the camera, and even threw away your SIM card. Some believe that in this case, to detect the phone is impossible. But this is not true.
Any mobile phone has a unique number (IMEI) assigned by the manufacturer. This combination of fifteen digits "stitched" into the machine during production. To see the code on the packaging of the device under the bar code under the battery on the body of the phone. When you register the device on the network embedded in the software code is automatically reported to the operator.
Thus, even if the stolen phoneMr. the machine changed the map, it can be detected by identification code, and, even if the phonehave no ringing. Technical means of the operator can localize the location of the apparatus with high accuracy. Therefore, it will not hurt to write the identification code and carry it with you.
And another recommendation. Most models of telephones allow the owner to program the greeting that appears on the screen when you turn the device. You can enter a greeting phrase, calling to return the phone to its owner and to specify other number of contact phone. A decent man, not intentional to assign the device, it will help in finding the owner of the findings.