Never buy a phone second-hand, if the seller cannot provide you the papers for it. When buying a used cell sure you ask the consultant a written confirmation of the transfer of the phone store, its former owner. Unfortunately, not every seller will be resolved to produce such documents, because they can be specified the price he paid for the purchase of this device. Yes, and the document is easy to forge.

To protect yourself from buying the phone, listed on the wanted list, find out the international Mobile Equipment identity (IMEI). Usually is 15 digits, located directly on the back of the phone (under the battery). If you can not find this number on the unit, dial the digits *#06#. Phones all manufacturers usually issued in response to its own identification number. Fix it on paper (write carefully), and then at the first opportunity try to access the Internet.
Visit the website in the opened window, enter the phone's IMEI. Then click on "check". This database contains phone numbers that are listed in the search. Accordingly, if you see the message that database not found any IMEI-number corresponding to the search means, the phone does not have a criminal record.

However, in this database listed all numbers of stolen phones, so if the number you entered is not found, it does not mean that your phone no one is looking. In addition, the number of the purchased phone can appear in the database much later than you buy it.
There is also another way of checking is not listed if used phone wanted. Send a paid message (it costs 5 rubles) to the number 4443. In the message write: "the interior space and your IMEI code". In the response message will contain information about wanted your phone or not.

Sometimes it is better to abandon the "fancy", but used the phone and prefer to let a cheap but brand new and "clean" before the law tube.