First, decide what review you will write. If you decided to characterize worker and its activities positively, write in such a context, the negative - bring other arguments.
On a sheet of paper in the center write the word "Opinion", then describe in a logical sequence: when the worker was employed, whether for career promotion, list dates, name and term of office at substitutable positions. Describe the list of duties and the level of their fulfilment by the employee. Specify whether for the entire period of the promotion, any penalties, fines, truancy. Avoid repetition and emotional phrases. Try to cover the field of activity of the employee.
Then go to the description of the person. Shall describe in detail the business acumen, the moral principles of the employee. Unable to write a bit about his relationship in the team as he is punctual and binding. Whether there is exposure and the ability to compromise. Also important is information regarding the propensity of the employee to the conflict.
In closing, I will state my opinion that has been formed over the period of employment on individual employees. You may evaluate its quality, apply the results of his work, such as reports, documents, copies of certificates, etc.
After that, place your signature and the date of the opinion. Be sure to reassure written an official stamp. It is desirable to produce a document in several copies - this is particularly important with regard to the certification or training, because a separate copy is attached to the personal file of the employee.