Report basic information about the teacher: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, education. Please specify what year and what kind of education did the teacher (specialization). For example, it can be a educational psychologist or a speech therapist.
Write in the feature, what is the total teaching experience of the teacher and how much time he engaged in teaching in your school.
Indicate whether, did the teacher in any of the competitions of professional skills (what and in what year). Don't forget to note the results achieved (the winner, participant, etc.).
If the teacher leads in parallel with the educational activities of some educational or other work (is the class teacher, the organizer of the circle, section, Studio), be sure to inform the characterization.
Describe "open" the lessons taught by the teacher. Let his ability to introduce in educational process of modern technology: raznourovnevoj learning, differentiation, computerization, integration, etc. Specify how deep the teacher owns the methodological features of teaching in the academic subject.
Obligation to reflect information about how to harmoniously develop the relationship with students and their parents, any complaints and conflict situations in the team.
If the students of the teacher systematically win prizes through participation in conferences, competitions, lectures, seminars, write about it.
Note also in the feature, preparing the teacher for the exam students. Do not forget to specify the results achieved (the presence of "stobalnikov", the absence of those who could not overcome the minimum threshold, etc.).
List the Hobbies of the teacher, which is characteristic. For example, he is interested in theatre, music, dance, sports etc. Try to provide information that reveals personal inters man.