Remember the proverb "What is written with a pen - not cut down with an ax" and try to transfer your feelings of gratitude to pick up a beautiful and sincere words, and beautiful stationery or a card. But if you are confident in their literary abilities may publish a notice in the local newspaper about your favorite doctor with warm words about his professional involvement in your recovery or to carry out such a letter by means of radio - now many local radio stations provide such opportunity absolutely free.
Keep in mind that if you decide to issue a letter of thanks, it is desirable to write it by hand (this is a letter to the beloved doctor, not a formal statement to the Prosecutor's office), and must clearly indicate your name and the time of writing. You can finish the text with the words: your grateful patient and indicate your surname, name and patronymic. In this version of the text, no one will doubt the authenticity of the document. In addition, writing by hand is another proof of the sincerity of your words.
Contact your doctor in the letter by name and patronymic. Of course, you can check the specialization of the doctor, but in most cases it's not necessary but a good attitude, but the glorification of "the father" everybody is pleased.
Try not to use the welcome letter in the hackneyed expression and syntax. So, for example, the phrase "the physician treats a substitute phrases that describe the doctor not only as a technician but as a good, decent man. Also, don't use phrases like "you are like no other doctor... or "only you could cure... because of phrases like this can offend colleagues-doctors, and not tactfully it will be in your hand.
Do not overload the text of gratitude excessive content of terms and descriptions of their suffering associated with the disease. Better wholeheartedly thank the person, share your joy, tell us how you wanted this doctor during his illness.
Better to Express your gratitude and honor the doctor in his professional holiday, because the attention of patients, their good reviews, no doubt, help in daily work.