To make a review of the lesson is a means to review the lesson and assess the professionalism of the teacher. Competence of the teacher is primarily manifested in the ability to plan the activities of students at each stage of the lesson and to use a variety of techniques and forms of education, individual approach. This should be reflected in reviews.
First of all, write down the topic and date of the lesson.
Mark, what was the beginning of the lesson: could the teacher motivate students to productive activities, whether clearly articulated goals and objectives for children.
You then need to characterize the form of a homework check. Appreciated unusual, interesting approaches to checking homework: vzaimopomoschi, self-reflection, assessment work on the answers.
Write the review, as were various forms and methods applied by the teacher during the lesson. For example, it is worth noting the differentiated approach in training or integration. It is very important that the teacher was able to find an individual approach to each student and to adjust its activities.
Specify, could the teacher think through the lesson in such a way to allow students to demonstrate their creativity, skill. The teacher must not forget to encourage children, thereby creating a favorable emotional environment in the classroom.
He praised the ability of the teacher to organize students ' research activity, using, for example, a method of projects.
The teacher should clearly calculate the time required to perform the job at every stage to catch the conclusion to draw conclusions, to explain the task given to the house, to assign grades to students for work in the classroom.
Be sure to note in the review that was conducted by reflection at the end of the lesson, as the children themselves assessed their activities and achieved results.
Specify how you decorated the Board, what equipment was used during the lesson. Encouraged, for example, work with the interactive whiteboard, viewing some movies, the use of different tables and cards with tasks, tests or notebooks printed basis.
At the end of the review write, have reached the lesson goal, and what he deserves.