Start feature with the standard personal data. Specify the surname, name and patronymic of the student, year of birth, and the place, course, class study. This data is shown either to the right or in the center of the sheet.
Provide information about study and academic performance. Indicate the period and the place of education, memory and learning. Describe how the graduate manifested themselves during the study (whether in full measure was given to the learning process, needed if the control of the teachers showed any interest in the subjects).
Make a portrait of the graduate. To do this, select the most commonly used method of storage of materials (audio, mechanical, visual memory), the work during the lesson or lecture (care, indifference, activity, assistance to classmates or classmates). Describe the level of overall development, Hobbies that affect learning (reading, playing a musical instrument, etc.)
Specify achievements during training. List the most significant victory in competitions, receiving awards and diplomas of participation in competitions. Also indicate the level of participation in the life of the school or University, organizing student events and concerts.
Rate the moral and professional qualities of the graduate. A sense of humor, restraint, secrecy, independence, discipline and others. Don't forget to form a view about his relationship with other members of the team, with the faculty.
Draw conclusions about the abilities of the student, make a forecast for future learning and work. Indicate the place where you can go feature. It is better to write a specific school or company.