Standardized format for writing a positive review doesn't exist, but since you usually assess a job is not a private person, and the company that provided you with the product or service, in its design and writing should adhere to the business style. You can write as a separate document and send it to the address of the enterprise or keep it in a special book that should be in every company working in the field of services. Many firms today have their online sites where you can write and leave your review on the work of the enterprise and its staff.
In the introduction write the information about yourself that lend credibility left reviews: surname, initials. Specify the city where you live. Since you're going to leave a positive feedback which does not involve the adoption of some measures, address and contact numbers can not tell.
Write about how was your cooperation with this company and its staff, specify the date and the occasion that made you want to go with them. Describe in detail the points that have impressed you and made to note the high quality of service. You can arrange them in a list.
Well, if you remember and put in my positive review the names of those employees who directly served you. List them in your positive review. This will give rise to the company's management to encourage them personally and will be undoubtedly pleased by the company's employees, whose work is so like you.
Thank them for the quality of service and your good mood. If you have any suggestions, voice them. Mention that you will now become their regular customer, client or purchaser, and also will recommend the services of this company to their friends and acquaintances.