You will need
  • - TV
  • - equipment to connect to "NTV-Plus";
  • card access.
Purchase of special equipment necessary for the connection. There are different kits, which depend on user needs. For example, you can purchase a set, consisting of receiver and card, if you have a satellite dish. Detailed information on the types of kits and prices can be obtained directly from a consultant, or on the official website.
Invite a specialist for installation.
Install a satellite dish, if it has not been previously installed. It is usually attached on the balcony outside the window or on the roof of the building.
Activate map "NTV-Plus". It can be purchased either separately or included with the equipment. Following the guidelines specified in the instructions to the hardware, you must configure the receiver to a channel that is part of the access package for your card. After the calibration on the TV screen will display "Coded channel" or "No access". Next, you need to insert the card into the card slot located on the receiver. If the installation is made correctly, the card is not returned by the machine. Card must be inserted carefully avoiding bending and damage.
Do not turn off the receiver and TV and do not switch channels for two hours. This is necessary in order to initialize, activate the map. About the end of it you'll know when you see the image on the screen of your TV.