Depending on the features of the card and banking system, there are several ways to activate the cash card. Such methods include: activation via telephone, Internet banking, ATM or depositing additional funds to the card account.
Activation of a Bank card via will telefonomania by phone number, which you'll find on the Bank card, in a contract or supplied with the map when issuing the insert. Remember - need to call from a mobile phone or landline, which supports the transition from pulse to tone mode and back.
Follow the instructions of IVR, which will explain what rad actions and in what sequence you should follow. In this case you need to specify, as a rule, the card number, series and number of his passport, to or enter your invented PIN code (depending on the Bank) and to, respectively, as by activation. In some banks to protect customer accounts and information provided by them, you will need to indicate T-PIN the client will have to come up with myself and enter later for activation.
Activation via Internet on page barkingside Internet banking representative. Enter your username and password (provided by Bank). Select "Activate credit card". Follow the instructions.
Activation bankomatite ATM belonging to your Bank (identical to the name of the Bank and the ATM). Insert your card into the ATM direction. Enter the PIN code provided to you by the Bank. Select "Activate card". Follow the instructions on the ATM screen.
Activation by depositing in an account generalites in the Bank office with your passport and the required sum. Present it all to the cashier, indicating that the payment required to pay to activate the card. In addition to the payment at the Bank, you can also activate the card by depositing the required amount of money through an ATM of the Bank that provided you the card. To do this, locate ATM with cash in, which means accepting cash, insert your card, enter the PIN code, insert money into the bill acceptor and wait for the information on the screen that the card is activated.