You will need
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - the mobile phone.
Select your mobile operator and tariff plan which suits you best. Contact the nearest office to connect. 'Corporate offices you can find on the official sites of the operators: (MTS), (Beeline), (MegaFon), (Tele2). To search for regional operators use the search engines of the Internet.
To connect you need a document certifying personality: passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, in case of loss of passport – a temporary identity card. Military personnel can present a military ID or ID card of a soldier together with a certificate of registration. Foreign citizens must have a passport with a mark about registration in Russia. If you are under 18 years of age, please contact the salon of mobile communication with an adult person to register a SIM card on it.
After receiving the SIM, insert it into the phone. Please note that an embedded chip is in contact with the contacts of the phone. Usually near the place of installation of the SIM is a picture of how to properly insert it into the phone.
Turn the phone on. Enter the PIN code. It is specified in the documents issued to the SIM card (PIN1), as well as plastic card from which you removed the SIM. If you have entered the wrong PIN, the phone will prompt for PUK. Be careful, if you enter the wrong PUK code, the SIM card will be locked.
After the introduction of the codes, the SIM card registers on the network and on the phone screen you will see the name of the mobile operator.
If your SIM has already been registered, but the next time the phone is switched on you see on the screen the inscription "registered", please contact with the passport office operator. If the problem is in the chip card, you will be given a new SIM with the same number. If the card was blocked due to the fact that you don't use it for a few months, then there are two versions of events. If your room is not given to a new user and the account a positive balance, then the SIM unlock again and you will be able to use it. If your number is given to the other party, you will be asked to connect a new SIM.