You will need
  • card;
  • - passport;
  • - access codes.
You need to call at call center of Bank by phone 8 800 200 1 201. Instead of beeps you will hear the proposal to use the automated system. In order to activate the credit card in automatic mode you need to call from the phone number specified by you in the questionnaire, to know the five-digit numeric code of access to information, as well as to have at hand the very card. To work with the automated system you want to transfer your phone in tone mode. If it is not installed on the phone by default, you have to press the asterisk or bars.
To activate the map on the phone will help you and the specialist reference centre. He will be asked to give a credit card number to identify and name the access code, as in the previous case. If you don't remember the numeric code, the operator will give you the opportunity to say a word, which you also pointed out. In addition, he may ask you additional questions on the questionnaire data.
Listen carefully to the specialist of the Bank or an automated system will explain to you the terms of use of the credit card. If you have questions on card usage, then be sure to ask them.
After card activation you will need to obtain a pin code, you need to listen to the numbers that will dictate the automated system.