Activate smart card "Tricolor TV". Scratch off the protective layer of its secret code. Go to the website go to "Registration" and the "Audience." Select "Activate Card" where you have to fill all fields in the available fields. Click "Activate Card". After some time on your E-mail will receive a letter with a message about the successful activation of the card.
Repeat the procedure if the activation of the card was denied. Check that you have entered numeric and alphabetic data. You can activate the card in another way – by sending a message to a short number. In the message body type the following text without the quotes: "TK (space) 12-digit DRE device ID (space) secret code cards". Send it to 1082 and wait for a response as a message with the results of the activation of the card.
Begin the setup of the receiver. Turn on one of the base channels, for example, "Russia-1" using the toggle button ("CH", "+" and "-") or simply click the corresponding number of the channel on the remote control. The screen displays the message "Encrypted channel". Leave the channel on until the picture is broadcast. The receiver at this time must remain always on, the TV you can turn off.
Wait some time, since finding and installing signal is a time-consuming procedure. After 8 hours the image is displayed, contact customer service "Tricolor TV" by phone: 8 (812) 332-34-98 or contact the online consultants on the website of the company. Calls and applications are accepted round the clock. Please note that the price per minute depends on the tariffs of long distance calls to your operator in the direction of Saint Petersburg.