You will need
  • To activate the new SIM card will need cell phone and your stay in the area of Beeline network.
Before starting the process of activating SIM cards, scratch off with a coin, a protective layer on pin code (PIN1). The pin code is on the back of the card with the SIM. After you have erased the protective layer and saw a four-digit pin, squeeze out the SIM card from the plastic and insert it under the proper position of the SIM in your mobile phone, after disabling it.
Turn on the apparatus and wait for the window input PIN. When prompted to enter pin, enter PIN1, as indicated on the plastic card. If you are prompted to enter the pin code does not appear likely in the phone is disabled and PIN protection of the SIM card.
Once the phone has identified the network as a Beeline, appeared on the screen sticks indicator of a communication signal, enter the USSD command *101*1111# and press send call. The screen will display "Please wait" or animation with loading/sending the command. After a few seconds a new SIM card is activated and you can make calls, send SMS, surf the Internet and use other paid services. To check you can type code balance (in each region it is different, for example *102#) or you will receive a USSD or SMS message with information about the successful activation.
If USSD-command didn't work, look closely to see if the envelope with a special USSD-request, located on the sticker to activate the SIM card. This can be in the case of a Microsim-card and SIM from the special rates, including corporate.
If none of the short USSD-queries can not activate your SIM card, from any phone call the toll free number 8-800-700-8000. After a couple of minutes you will be connected with the support of Beeline subscribers in order to solve the problem with the activation SIM.