You will need
  • - passport;
  • mobile phone;
  • - 600 rubles.
The card is "Coherent" you need to come to the nearest salon cellular "the Messenger" or "Swedebank". In the office you will be given a contract for banking services which need to be filled. Carefully read its terms and conditions. Documents are issued only upon presentation of a passport. Automatically you will be given a contract for insurance made by you money. This service ensures the safety of your funds on the card account and return them to you in case of theft by fraud, and its cost is 50 rubles per month. With this option you can refuse. Another 50 rubles each month you have to pay for the service SMS-informing.
Be prepared to spend in the office a decent amount of time, because operators are constantly talking about the problems in their system with communication. To reduce time costs check service charges and all terms and conditions of use of the card in advance on the website of the Bank "the Messenger" ( You can fill out a form online and just pick up a map at the nearest branch of "Liaison".
Universal card "Svyaznoy" participates in the Deposit insurance system, i.e. lying on it in the amount of up to 700 000 roubles are insured and guaranteed to return in case of problems at the Bank. For funds placed on the card each month, interest is charged at a rate of 10% per annum. An obligatory condition is the presence of it within one month of the average balance of not less than 10 000. The interest attached to the amount on the card, i.e. kapitaliserede.
Make the cashier the money for annual maintenance. At the moment this amount is 600 rubles. After that, your mobile phone will receive a confirmation that your card is activated. You will also receive an SMS with a username and password to log into the Internet Bank.
Enter from your mobile phone number listed in the booklet issued with the card. In response you will receive SMS containing a PIN code for your card. With it you can perform operations on cash withdrawal. More than 1000 rubles at any ATM without a fee removed.
Subscribe to the newsletter on the website to be aware of the ongoing promotions with high scores. Paying your card in the goods and services from partners participating in monthly promotions, you get extra bonuses, which is then partially or completely can be used for purchases at "Connected".