Advice 1: How to pay for NTV-plus

NTV-plus, how many other TV providers, provides a wide range of options for payment of services provided to its customers. All that is required of you is to choose the most suitable option and to use it.
How to pay for NTV-plus
Pay via the Internet. This method is most flexible, as it allows you to transfer money from the comfort of home. However, you'll need either a Bank card or pre-purchased in the center of the provider a special card with a bar code. Go to HTB-plus. Navigate to personal section and select "payment services". Choosing the most convenient way, you can make the payment by providing necessary data.
Don't believe to other sites that sometimes pop up on the Internet. There is no partner services that allows you to pay only part of the services or anything else. It's probably just scammers looking for your money.
Pay TV via the nearest terminal. In any major store you will find a payment device, through which you will be able to make a payment. Go to the TV, find a General list of NTV-plus. If you find this topic not work or this section do not, try to browse other. Confusion in the machine are quite common, and it is possible that you will find the right organization to another section.
Carefully check the entered data. If you enter a wrong username or other information, you will be able to return the required funds if you keep the receipt, however, this procedure is quite long and unpleasant.
To avoid paying a Commission to make a transfer of funds through the salons of cellular communication, for example, Euroset, Svyaznoy, and others. Either same way through the pay machine, but without a fee, or through the cashier if the salon provides this service.
Visit the office of NTV-plus. This may not be the easiest, but by far the most reliable way. You will be able to consult on your questions, learn about ongoing promotions and rates and, of course, to pay for the provision of services, and at the same time to buy a card next time to pay for the services from home.

Advice 2: How to activate NTV-plus

Many people are not those channels which you can watch using a conventional TV antenna. In this case it makes sense to connect a satellite TV with a lot of different thematic channels and broadcasting in different languages. And one of the largest companies offering such services is "NTV-Plus".
How to activate NTV-plus
You will need
  • - set "NTV-Plus" for connecting;
  • - access card;
  • TV.
If you do not have the equipment necessary to connect, please do so or in the company or from authorized distributors. There are different kits depending on your needs. For example, if you already have a satellite dish, order a kit consisting of only the card and the receiver. It is cheaper than the kit with the antenna. A full list of the possible kits and prices can be found on the website of the company "NTV-Plus".
Install the necessary equipment. The coordinates of specialists, who are engaged, and the cost of services in your area can be clarified when you purchase the equipment.
Activate special map "NTV-Plus". It can be attached to your set of equipment, or you can buy it separately, for example, to gain access to additional channels. Set the receiver on one of the channels that are included in the package access on your card. To do this, follow the instructions in the manuals that accompany the equipment. After the infusion you on the TV screen will display "No access" or "Coded channel". Then insert the card into the hole in the receiver, which is called a slot. If the device is not returned the card, then it is installed correctly. Insert the card carefully, avoid damage and bending. This may adversely affect the installation process.
Wait a couple of hours without turning off any TV or receiver, and not switching channels. At this time the initialization and activation of cards. It will be over when on the TV screen, the image will appear.
Useful advice
Card, if the instruction it is not specified otherwise, is valid for six months and gives you the ability to view included in the package of channels. After this deadline, you will need to buy a new one.
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