You will need
  • Phone, payment card, access to the Internet.
To replenish the account with a single payment card can subscribers of all tariff plans of a network "Megaphone". Using the card you can extend the term of the agreement for subscribers of tariff plans light, but the period of extension depends on the value of the card. For example, if the face value of the card 300 b, the contract will last for 20 days. To replenish the account with a single payment card can subscribers of all tariff plans of MegaFon.
Purchase a map of the required denomination. In MegaFon payment cards are presented in denominations of 1000, 500, 300, 150 rubles. Scratch off the protective layer on the reverse side of the card. This can be done with a coin or other suitable object. Be careful not to damage the code numbers, otherwise payment will be problematic.
Replenish your account by dialing a free USSD request to *110 # and then the code of the card # and press the call button. To recharge another person dial *110# code # the phone number # a call. It is important to remember that the request number should be entered without spaces, the phone number is entered with the numbers +7(in international format). The number of injections in the secret code of payment cards is limited. Wait for the message on transfer of money to the account.
You can refill the balanceby sending an SMS to 1100 using a code payment card, if the Deposit of your room. If you want to activate the card to another number, dial code, #, room. When the subscriber is in the network MegaFon sms is free of charge.
To activate payment card "Megaphone", you can call on the toll free number 0011 from your mobile. From a landline phone also, you can activate the card by calling the number 8(xxx)1110011 and wait for the prompts of the operator. In this case turn the phone into tone mode by pressing *button.
If you use the Internet modem MegaFon can pay the bill using the payment card. To do this, register on the website of the company in the Personal Cabinet. Enter the serial number and secret code, click "activate".