If your house already has cable TV you or your neighbors, will be sufficient to competently perform work on the cabling and then to watch cable TV you can on all the TV sets, enjoying the beautiful canals. What do you need?
Typically, the antenna for satellite TV is located on the roof of the house and has several channels to route cables. If these channels are not "clogged", you can safely proceed to the next steps.
The first thing to do is to purchase the required amount of cable and other devices such as splitter, multiswitch, diplexer and Converter. All this can be bought on the market or in a specialty store.
The next stage - wiring cable. You should have three cables, green, yellow and red. The red cable is from the antenna to the panel, which is usually on the Playground or at the entrance, and then from the panel to each of the required TV. This cable is used to receive satellite signal. Green cable reaches the first example and sends the signal of the collective antenna, and the third cable (yellow) runs from the panel to all the televisions in the rooms that should be connected.
To the antenna on the roof is such a number of cables, what is the number of independent points you want to do and plus one cable (green) for the collective (on the air) antenna. Subsequently, with the help of multiswitch you will be able to increase the number of cables to the right.
Thus, for example, on the 3 TVs you will need to reach from the roof antenna to the panel 3 cables, one for each of your access points, plus 1 cable common to terrestrial antenna. At the same time from the panel to each point should be 3 cables, that is, the amount by 3 TV – 9 cables. One cable for the satellite signal, the second essential and third parallel connections.