Before you activate the card of the savings Bank, open a sealed envelope in which it is located. In the documents attached thereto specified personal identification number (PIN) of your card, without knowing which it will be impossible to withdraw cash from it through an ATM or terminal. This code will be required when paying for goods and services in trade and service centers.
Carefully inspect map. Make sure that your name m last name entered on the front side of Latin letters written correctly. On the same side must be set to the sixteen-digit card number and a standing logo of the payment system.
Flip the card to the other side and put his signature in a specially designated field. Sberbank promises that your card will be activated in the automatic mode the next day after you sign for it.
To make sure your card is activated, take with her any action, using the nearest ATM. For example, request information about the balance on the card account – its balance sheet. Insert the card into the card slot and press the keys, confirming the options with a map that will be displayed on the monitor screen. If you failed to independently perform the operation or check the account balance, please contact the nearest branch of the savings Bank or call the customer support service round the clock free room: 8-800-555-5550.