Most importantly – don't rush to confess his love in the second, not to mention the first letter. You will need time to get to know the person and assess its internal quality, which you will be able to love a girl. It is unlikely that she would believe in the seriousness of your words of passionate love only pictures. Start correspondence like the first date.
The letter girls don't have to answer this minute after receiving it. Allow yourself to think about the answer within a few hours, or even days, to not look the girl's eyes hungry for female attention loser.
Do not complain about life's problems. Show yourself interesting and cheerful companion, with whom you can speak on any topic. Make her laugh. This is the surest way to a girl's heart, but a corny joke can spoil the impression about you. Show that you can be gallant and charming. Have fun with communication.
Write the truth about her age and career, the place and conditions of residence, as well as about how you look to when meeting cheating did not deploy. If you lied in one, it is unlikely that you will be able to convince her of the sincerity of the feelings. To flirt is chat, and that attempts to build relationships, you need to properly and wisely choose the topics of conversation that would coincide with her interests.
Depending on how the girl applies to you, to the prospect of Dating, in particular? with you, invite her, but not later than a week after the correspondence began.